Wayland Gloin

Scholar in the Academy of Ioun in Belhmut City


Wayland Gloin grew up in Belhmut city. Being the son of a merchant, he was enrolled into Belhmut’s Ioun Academy to become “learned” so he would one day take over his father’s shipping business. Unfortunately for Wayland’s father, Wayland was more interested in the mystical, mysterious, and religious happenings in the world, not numbers like his father.

Wayland has spent his entire life researching and teaching at the academy. On occasion, he disappears for months at a time in an undisclosed location if he is researching something of particular interest or importance, only to reappear with some great finding.

He is very close friends with Zahn Flametounge (eldest in the Flametounge noble family). This is due because both he and Zahn went to school together.

Wayland Gloin

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