Kronkles 1.31.09

More kobotes came down a tunnol. Won slung fire pots at us. Kwin gots bernt. Durrin fite, Sling Kobote brayks smelly pot on Drakkin-Korrin. Now he stinks like Kobote. We win fite, usin mussol an errow. I blow’d up a few. Thay had Blu Dot on ther sheelds. These gies wuz tuffer. We must b prepard.. Like Fahrkaz Ria D’Meepo wonz sed, [written perfectly in flowing Elfish] “Always have an ace in the hole”. I think werrin better protecshun, spesholly on owr arms wude help. Fownd owt Dragonborn reely doent like Kobotes. Investigayt dis. May b like Elf an Drow.

We followd tha tunnol wat led to a rume with a pile uv roks- a Kobote throne. A jiant spider jumpt Drakkin-Korrin from tha seelin. We kilt it. Sumthin b neeth a rug stood up. Stil hidden bi tha rug, it moved tward tha ded spider- waling an crie’in. I brave’ly yankt tha rug off, an dis Kobote is kuku-d’krazy. He attaks me, an tha rest a tha grupe. Dis Kobote careed a foil. Weerd. We dispacht him.

We diskovverd a hidden dor wat led thru a Kobote tunnol to a dark rume. We herd base voist jibberrish, an Kwin sed dat he herd a splash uv “sumthin big”. Passij way to smal fer unHaflings. We hedded to erlierly past tunnol.. We followd a streme down a passij an ran in to a bunch uv Hobgobs. Won thowt he wuz an archer. A nother wuz kastin spels from a rod. He spoke Drakonnik. We krusht em. Durrin tha battel, Kwin an Drakkin-Korrin and tha Warlord wuz all badly hert. Kwin insisted we rest so he cude fele better. Tha others cuncure. Ther wuz red banners with blak fist on em. Ther weppons wer Human made.

We hedded to a huje kavern with larj lake. Ther wuz a vishus Watter Lizzerd hidin from us in tha watter. It rumbold wen it spoke to us. Drakkin-Korrin later sed it wuz spekin Drakonnik. It cald it self Nite Skale. We took damaj, an Lizzerd kept hidin in tha watter. To hard to take it. We left cave to travvol bak to villij. We haer it risin up owt of tha cave. We deside to warn tha pepol.

Afrade uv chikken theves, imajinnin thay horribbol demons villijjers: doent beleve us abowt tha Lizzerd. Go Figgur.

Drakkin-Korrin sed we shude go to nerrest warnin pol an a lert the kingdum. We cach Tom snekin a way. Kwin muved at tha spede uv lite an wuz tha only won wat cude kach him. I puncht Tom so hard, Kwin lost his grip an Tom roled ten foots, got up an rund a way. Sumthin is up with him. Must investiggate.



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